Painting shows scene from Soest in Germany

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The scene was mistakenly described in last week’s paper as perhaps of Swiss origin but Trudy Daley’s acrylic painting “Roots” in reality depicts the town of Soest in northern Germany.

And the painting’s title “Roots” is most appropriate as the artist was born and raised there before coming to Canada at the age of 21 to be with her then-boyfriend and future husband.

The painting shows Soest’s renowned “Marktplatz” which Trudy had visited with her granddaughter just last year. Indeed, the painting shows refreshment patios in the foreground, filled with people, and last year Trudy and her granddaughter were among those people, with her granddaughter raving about the delicious ice cream that she was enjoying.

Soest today has a total population around 47,000 people. It is in an area of fertile soil which has made it a centre for agriculture over the years. It is an old town with a history going back centuries. Indeed, the church in which Trudy herself was baptized dates back to about 800 A.D.

Much of Soest was destroyed during the Second World War but buildings have been rebuilt and restored in their original architectural style.

From about 1953 to 1971, a garrison of Canadian soldiers were stationed at Soest.

Trudy herself started painting about seven or eight years ago when she was still working full time. Now retired, in recent years she has been doing more painting and has even taken on the roles of treasurer and membership coordinator with the Ottawa West Arts Association (owaa), the group that looks after the owaa gallery in the foyer area at the Goulbourn Recreation Complex on Shea Road in Stittsville. Trudy’s “Roots” painting is part of the newest exhibition at this owaa gallery, an exhibition entitled “Foreign Lands,” which will run through until Friday, Sept. 11 at the gallery.

Trudy says that she started out painting as a hobby for herself, mainly to have some paintings which she could hang in her own house. She started taking some art courses and thanks to encouragement from others who praised her art efforts, she eventually joined the owaa about three years ago and tries to enter each owaa exhibition.

Trudy normally does oil paintings but she did her “Roots” painting with acrylics because of the many details related to the buildings depicted in the painting. Using the faster drying acrylics was more efficient than sticking with the oils.

Trudy prefers to work with oils, though, because she finds that colours blend better when using oils.

She does mainly landscapes, usually working from a photograph.

Trudy notes that her grandfather used to sketch, doing scenes from nature in charcoal. Her brother who lives in Germany still has one of the grandfather’s works.

This “Foreign Lands” exhibition at the owaa gallery in the foyer area of the Goulbourn Recreation Complex (GRC) on Shea Road will be on exhibit until Friday, Sept. 11. Viewing is free and open to the public whenever the GRC itself is open.

Those visiting the GRC to view this latest owaa gallery exhibition are urged not only to take a look at Trudy Daley’s “Roots” painting but also to fill out a ballot in the People’s Choice voting which takes place at every exhibition at the owaa gallery. Ballots for this voting can be found on the top of the glass display case in the foyer area.

In this People’s Choice voting, viewers are asked to identify a favourite piece of art seen in the exhibition.

At the end of the exhibition, the results of these People’s Choice ballots are tabulated. The artists involved are always most interested in seeing the results and they consider it a great honour to top this People’s Choice balloting.

Cape Breton Artist Has Works Displayed at Louvre

Arguably the most famous art museum in the world, the Louvre is every artists’ dream. Every artist longs for their works to be displayed in this beautiful museum in Paris. For one artist from Cape Breton Nova Scotia, that dream has now become a reality. Rochelle MacQuarrie received an email saying that one of her pictures that she had recently taken of the Inverness boardwalk and beach was going to be displayed at the famous museum.


MacQuarrie said that a friend had introduced her to a gallery in New York. For this gallery, an artist puts together a portfolio of their artwork and puts it on display at the museum. This opens the door for them to be entered into various contests. For MacQuarrie, the contest that she entered and was chosen in happened to be one to be on display at the Louvre.

MacQuarrie’s photograph was on display for an evening at the Louvre, and she was able to be in Paris and participate in the event. Now she has returned home to Cape Breton. While she is unsure what lies next in her artistic journey, she is incredibly grateful for the opportunity she had to have her work displayed at the Louvre.

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